A Promise Kept

Back Story

Original Home as we found it
Date Chiseled into carport slab by original Owners marking the date of construction completion

This mid-century modern house was lovingly occupied by the Lambrix family since 1953 as a summer vacation home. It caught our eye while we were ourselves on vacation on Anna Maria Island and just before we left, we slipped a note in the door as we were leaving asking that if the home was ever for sale, that we would appreciate the owners contacting us. Within only a few days after arriving home, the owners Mr. and Mrs. Lambrix , called us and explained that they had just found our note. They asked about our intentions for the house and property and Mr Lambrix explained that his father had built the house when he was a teenager, and that he had met his wife-to-be of 56 years, while they were living in trailers during construction of the surrounding development; needless to say, their emotional attachment to the home was strong and he was resistant to allow it to be demolished to build what he deridingly called a “monster home”. We explained to Mr. Lambrix that we valued his home as it was and that we had no intentions of extensive changes that would substantially alter its character value and so at that point in our discussions, we made a PROMISE to him and to his wife that we would respect 206 76th street by creating a period appropriate, but fully updated, renovation; Our hope is that we have been successful and so accordingly we have named the property “Promise Kept” (to the Lambrix Family). Our hope is to continue our loving stewardship of 206 76th street, so that we, and many other families, can going forward, come and enjoy the authentic Holmes Beach Florida experience in a vintage home, so cherished by the original owners and ourselves.

Promise Kept is nestled in a lovely residential neighborhood of well kept homes with mixed homestead and rental properties, and the beach on the Gulf is one and a half blocks away. A free trolley service has stops up and down the beach and to commercial areas extending from Anna Maria to Long Boat Quay.

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