Heritage Exterior Record

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Source: Google Earth 2013
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Source: Google Earth 2013

The home was in an excellent state of preservation with only minor issues and the property was well kept.

Front and Carport Entrances

The owners were elderly and occupied the home throughout the summer; the remainder of the time the house was mothballed. Grounds keeping was maintained year-round.

Entrance Overhang Beam

There was some noticeable deflection in the entrance overhang. The original white wrought iron column (visible in prior two photos) was poorly supported and the entrance overhang supporting beam (visible along the top of this photo) was undersized for the span, resulting in sag;  

The iron column was removed and the sagged beam was replaced during renovations with a new, and stiffer, clear span wood LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) beam.

Main Entrance Door

The main entrance door’s jalousie window was a perennial security weak point necessitating a plywood security cover during mothballed periods; wood trim to receive plywood is visible in the photo. The front stoop was a concrete block and concrete slab assembly, painted green.

The door was replaced with a similarly proportioned full glass, hurricane resistant door with micro louver shades to mimic the jalousie glazing.

Heritage Street Numbers

We hoped and planned to re-use the original cast iron house numbers but they did not meet the local building department graphic standards and were ultimately replaced with new contemporary numbers.


The exterior block had been entirely coated sometime in its past in a white speckled, sprayed-on sparkle white coating. Every second block’s horizontal mortar joint was tooled in a concave profile.

This coating was replaced, as part of the renovations, with a historically appropriate, sand textured cement stucco and paint finish.

Stepped approach to the house
Open Carport

The open carport was in use  and had a separate back entrance door into a Laundry / Storage room at the rear. Air conditioning for the entire home consisted of a unit air conditioner off the carport wall.

Open Carport and Jalousie window off the Living / Great Room
Rear yard with Lanai

The rear contained an insect screened and roofed Lanai, mostly used for evening meals. The concrete paver patio was well weathered and not re-usable.

Trees, pavers and Lanai pad were removed to accommodate pool, spa and new paving.

French Doors with sidelights

Within the Lanai there were original double French doors with aluminum-framed half-height sidelights.

French doors were replaced with full glazed micro louvered doors and full height sidelights as part of renovations.

Heating Fuel Supply

The rear back corner was occupied by an oil storage tank that supplied the original oil furnace that came with dire warnings against misuse and inappropriate operation.

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