New Living / Great Room

Rent Living room

The Living / Great room is bright and airy with grey and warm wood tones against a white background. Due to code-mandated insulation requirements the original wood ceiling was necessarily finished in stucco-textured gypsum board.  The ceiling fan was chosen to recall the 1950s aviation aesthetic. The dining room forms part of and extends the openness of the Great Room space.

Rent Living Room 2

The expanse of window has been dramatically increased around to the triangular sidewalls of the clerestory window.

The addition of new and antique furniture and carpet in warm wood tones is intended to replace some of the warmth and “homeyness” of the original wood clerestory and ceiling. The parallel strand lumber post and beam framing is both architectural and load bearing and is an integral part of the hurricane resistant hold-down retention system. Wood connectors and bolted anchor heads are exposed and finished in an accent grey as part of the mid-century modern style’s ideal of “honesty in structure”.


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