Construction Nuts and Bolts

In the following pages, the construction detailing and challenges are revealed for those who would appreciate the nuts and bolts of the this renewal project.

The renovation features:

  • A fully reinforced structure continuously tied-down from roof to foundations to resist hurricane force winds. The exposed post and beam framing on the inside is an integral component of this tie-down structure.
  • Walls that are replaced to fully concrete block to resist flooding damage. Some of the replaced heritage walls were wood framed and were subject to termite and flooding damage.
  • Increased expansive windows that are fully hurricane resistant.
  • An interior thoughtfully designed by Krysten Agnew, a Design Consultant whose mandate was to respect the existing architecture, and to blend a period appropriate 1953’s aesthetic with a clean, contemporary result incorporating vintage antique furniture with modern furniture. Materials selected echo the original home design with an open Kitchen, dining room, great room and views that connect the pool and patio to the interior
  • Exterior pool, spa, outdoor shower and landscaping integrated with the entire design of the house.

Please click Here for photos showing how window glazing was expanded

Please click Here for photos explaining how Flood resistance was improved 

Please click Here for photos explaining how the structure was reinforced against Hurricane force winds

Please click Here for photos showing why the neighborhood began calling the house “the Matchstick House” during the renovations

Please click Here for photos showing mechanical and electrical upgrades (entire systems replacement)