The Pool

Before the Pool, the heritage garden contained patio, Lanai, palms, and grass.


The shape of the Pool is rectangular to suit the 1950s style.

The Pool has a 7″ deep “sun deck” for small children at the shallow end and a centre socket hole for a pool umbrella to control the sun in the sun deck area.

Tree and bush landscaping was added for privacy and to replace the trees necessarily removed to accommodate the Pool.

Pool 4

The Pool and Spa have period-appropriate diamond pattern tiling at water line and the Pool and Spa are finished in a premium Pebbletech textured surface for comfort and slip resistance. The paver deck was selected to match the interior porcelain tiling of the house as an extension of the grey flooring finish, smoothing transition from inside to outside.

Pool and Spa are heated and have lighting for night time enjoyment.

Accent tiles are inset into the textured pool surface to identify step edges.


The patio deck is extended to accommodate reclining deck chairs and an umbrella-shaded outdoor dining table and chairs. The oversized Kitchen picture window overlooks the Pool.

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