Heritage Interior Record

Living / Great Room

The main entrance deposits you immediately into the Living / Great Room that has a 3 window clerestory, exposed Cyprus wood rafters and ceiling decking, squiggle grain plywood paneling (on the sides of clerestory), painted stucco walls, aluminum-framed single glazed window, and vinyl asbestos tile flooring.

Living / Great Room as Viewed from Kitchen

The curtained window to the carport, and the one AC unit for the entire house are visible.

The original heritage light fixture that was intended for re-use (and was stolen during the renovations), and the wine glass beneath it (to maintain perspective during renovations) are also visible.

Living / Great Room Looking towards the Bedrooms

Exploratory selective demolition in the clerestory and sidewall revealed full dimension lumber framing assemblies and sill plates bolted to a continuously reinforced concrete block bond beam at the top of the wall.

The clerestory punched windows and the framed clerestory sidewall were replaced by continuous strip windows during renovations.

Exposed Roof Framing and Decking from Living Room into the Kitchen

Exposed roof rafter framing was built-up 2 x 6s with a centre 3/4″ fletch, spaced at approximately 30″ c.c. Interior rafters were clad in Cyprus wood, sometime after original construction, concealing their construction. The kitchen cabinetry, kitchen island, doors to the Lanai, and the previous owner, Mr. Lambrix, are all present in the photo.

Ceilings in the renovation were insulated and necessarily covered with drywall.

Kitchen opening and Island

The kitchen island mid-century grillage detailing was constructed of wood and terminated in what were suspected copper-lined planter pots, that did not look as though they had ever been used for that purpose.

Kitchen seen from Living / Great Room

The kitchen island was a custom built-in, with shelving used for keep-sakes and a land-line phone. An oil fired heater can be seen at left recess. The perforated metal grillage above the heater was decorative.

A kitchen island was incorporated into the renovations of the re-oriented kitchen. Counters in the heritage design constructed of black melamine were replaced by black granite in the renovation.

Heritage Kitchen

The kitchen cabinets were original and were constructed of untreated plywood in a face-frame cabinet. The sink was the only up-grade and had been recently replaced with a Kohler rolled-edge deep sink.

The Kitchen renovation mimicked the heritage kitchen by incorporating a similar heavily figured wood grain on the door and drawer faces.

Doors and Sidelights to the back yard Lanai

Doors to the exterior Lanai were partially obstructed by a portable dishwasher, and there was minimal space for interior dining.

Renovated kitchen was relocated from left side to right side of the dining area and took over the area formerly occupied by the carport storage room.

Bedroom hallway and bathroom

Hallway to washroom with vinyl asbestos tiles in basket weave pattern.

Note the black vinyl washroom floor that was reproduced in the renovated washroom in black porcelain tile.

Original WR looking North
Bathroom with period colour fixtures

Pastel ceramic tiles. Tub and sink fixtures in original period colours.

Heritage design black bullnose trim tile that contours both the tub and the window was reproduced in the renovated washroom as a black pencil rod tile.

Cream, blue and black colour scheme

Note small electric wall heater that provided supplementary heat.

Colour scheme in the renovation was simplified to white, chrome and black.

Carport storage / laundry room

View through to Kitchen (door open), rear yard door (not visible on right), doors to carport (not visible on left).

This space became the new kitchen in the renovation.

Master Bedroom #1

Cyprus wood plank ceiling, stucco walls, vinyl tile flooring.

Punch window was replaced in the renovation with a wrapped strip window at high level for privacy, without curtains.

Bedroom #2

Back bedroom with original stucco finish wall finish. All bedroom windows had original aluminum-framed single glazed windows.

Back Bedroom #2 built-in closet

Back bedroom built-in closet with sliding doors that did not match the wood ceiling.

Built-in closet became a doorless wardrobe nook in the renovation.

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